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Please read the following message as it contains some important information for all participants.
This website is dedicated to the MFMA 2021 Art Contest, "Art For Trees", and showcases 86 (out of all 90) beautiful artworks submitted by children from 21 US states. On behalf of each child, MFMA donated $10 to the tree-planting organization of the child's choice, plus we matched each donation, so every organization received doubled amount for each submitted artwork.
We are profoundly grateful to all of you who took the time to prepare, create, and submit artworks! We also know that many of you did so with the sole purpose of showing your support for our green initiative and giving back to our magnificent Planet, and that deeply touched us!
We express our special THANK YOU to the parents and teachers who explained the idea, inspired, and helped younger children to submit their artworks. It is your interest, involvement, time, and patience that help to grow the next generation who cares!
Each artwork we received is very dear to us and holds a special place in our hearts and this Gallery! It was a lot of joy to look at every one of them, and it was very tough to choose the best ones. Because of that, we decided to add three 3rd places to each age group (9 in total) and reward those 3rd places with $25 Amazon eGift Cards. In addition, every participant will receive a special surprise gift that will be coming your way by regular mail this month (we will reach out to all of you asking to provide your shipping address for this). Stay tuned!
MFMA 2021 Art Contest Gallery
Congratulations to the Winners!
Abigail Fernandez, 1st Place
K - 2nd Grades, Mother of Divine Grace School (Pennsylvania)
Neerja Dave, 1st Place
3rd – 5th Grades, Millstone River School (New Jersey)
Emily Garrett, 1st Place
6th - 8th Grades, Braxton County Middle School (West Virginia)
Ilya Royf, 1st Place
9th - 12th Grades, Glenbrook North High School (Illinois)
Aahana Gupta, 2nd Place
K - 2nd Grades, Woodland Elementary School (Pennsylvania)
Ruthvik Veerapaneni, 2nd Place
3rd - 5th Grades, Marian Emmons Mc Keown School (New Jersey)
Madison Matthews, 2nd Place
6th - 8th Grades, Lavilla School of the Arts (Florida)
Shriya Bidkar, 3rd Place
K - 2nd Grades, Hillside Elementary School (New York)
Samarth Choudhary, 3rd Place
K - 2nd Grades, Phillips Elementary School (Texas)
Nayra Gupta, 3rd Place
K - 2nd Grades, Ellis Elementary School (California)
Anjor Tandon, 3rd Place
3rd - 5th Grades, Horizon Elementary School (Wisconsin)
Shriyan Set, 3rd Place
3rd - 5th Grades, Normandy Elementary School (Ohio)
Sudesh Srivatsan, 3rd Place
3rd - 5th Grades, Warwick Elementary School (California)
Khushi Kolte, 3rd Place
6th - 8th Grades, John M. Horner Middle School (California)
Esha Shetty, 3rd Place
6th - 8th Grades, Pioneer Heritage Middle School (Texas)
Insha Kittur, 3rd Place
6th - 8th Grades, Daniel Wright Junior High School (Illinois)
The following artworks we received from our youngest participants - students attending kindergarten, 1st, 2nd grades, and 2.5-years-old Betty who liked the initiative and wanted to partake. Enjoy! :)
Betty Hoang, 2.5 y.o.
Early Head Start Preschool (California)
Maya Gitlin
Walt Disney Magnet School (Illinois)
Dennis Gitlin
Walt Disney Magnet School (Illinois)
Saathvika Jagabathula
Springville Elementary School (Oregon)
Oliver Martinez
Senator Judith Zaffirini Elementary School (Texas)
Norberto Martinez Jr.
Senator Judith Zaffirini Elementary School (Texas)
Miles Wilson
Homeschool (Louisiana)
Paige Rankens
Cherry Knoll Elementary School (Michigan)
Ayansh Mehta
Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School (Florida)
Illia Kalian
Coe Elementary School (Washington)
Aayansh Bhakta
Doyle Elementary School (California)
Vincent Rice
Mockingbird Valley Sports Complex (Kentucky)
Shayna Mukherjee
Osceola Science Stem Charter School (Florida)
Veda Quillen
TCAPS Montessori School (Michigan)
Alina Sharifi
Hamilton Elementary School (California)
Saathvika Jagabathula
Springville Elementary School (Oregon)
Akshara Saravanan
Jacob Wismer Elementary School (Oregon)
Alex Vernudin
Poe Elementary School (Illinois)
Maria Vernudina
Poe Elementary School (Illinois)
Mahi Shetty
Gene and Ruby Nichols Elementary School (Texas)
Henry Zhang
Hickory Point School (Illinois)
Rishaan Set
Primary Village South (Ohio)
Brooklan Long
Swenke Elementary School (Texas)
Orla Delaney
Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech (Massachusetts)
Aryash Nagar
Steuart W. Weller Elementary School (Virginia)
Saraswathi Krithi Palepu
Pritchett Elementary School (Illinois)
Arnav Choudepally
Cedar Fork Elementary School (North Carolina)
Samathmika Ashwin
Greenbrook Elementary School (New Jersey)
Ruthik Vuppala
Sharon Elementary School, (New Jersey)
Ayaansh Jain
William Regnart Elementary School (California)
Ahana Chandra
Ellis Elementary School (California)
Jessica Effendie
Tambark Creek Elementary (Washington)
Students attending 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades sent us their lovely artworks showcased below.
Alisa Anikiieva
Sherwood Forest Elementary (Washington)
Aanya Sabharwal
Village Elementary School (New Jersey)
Ally Rankens
Cherry Knoll Elementary School (Michigan)
Harshini Dasari
Findley Elementary School (Oregon)
Grady Wilson
Homeschool (Louisiana)
Kashvi Mishra
Village Elementary School (New Jersey)
Avika Bahety
Jimmy and Sammy Lane Vaughn Elementary School (Texas)
Viola DeVigal
Vernon K-8 (Oregon)
Fin Sawhill
Traverse City Area Public School (Michigan)
Ava Lopez
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Ilias Pozos
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Ivan Villagomez
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Olivia Kirk
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Liam Stanford
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Alexis Villagomez
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Rosie Hauk
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Nestor O
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Jamian Torres
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Lee Goscinski
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Nora Quillen
TCAPS Montessori School (Michigan)
Aarav Raj
Marshall Elementary School (Illinois)
Lakshna Sivadharsan
Stratford School (California)
Kennedy Matthews
Pine Forest Elementary School (Florida)
Madyson Long
Swenke Elementary School (Texas)
Anne Qi
Tesago Elementary School (New York)
Kashika Nagar
Steuart W. Weller Elementary School (Virginia)
Avni Choudepally
Cedar Fork Elementary School (North Carolina)
Elise Foley
Cleveland Court Elementary School (Florida)
Gabby Foley
Cleveland Court Elementary School (Florida)
The beautiful arts shown below were submitted by 6th-8th grades students.
Krishang Tripathi
Godley Station School (Georgia)
Prithvi Krish
Tohickon Middle School (Pennsylvania)
Tanya Bahety
Pioneer Heritage Middle School (Texas)
Gladwin Anand
Asa Clark Middle School (Wisconsin)
Evan Enos
Washington Township High School (Indiana)
Tvisha Jain
Sam H. Lawson Middle School (California)
Yana Shabrova
Springman Middle School (Illinois)
Shibani Senthilkumar
Peak to Peak Charter School (Colorado)
There was only one high school participant who became an automatic winner. Congrats, Ilya! We recognize that it's a very busy time of the year for all high-school students and are looking forward to seeing more of their entries in the future.

For information of high-school students and their parents, MFMA offers annual scholarships and is currently accepting applications. All program details can be found at this link.
We Are Listening!
If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about the #ArtForTrees Art Contest, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via the form below.
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