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This website is dedicated to the MFMA 2022 Art Contest, "Art For Trees," and showcases 79 (out of all 82) beautiful artworks submitted by children from 17 US states. We matched our "anniversary-themed" amount of $12.5 for each artwork and donated $2,050 to eight tree-planting nonprofits in accordance with the kids' choices. In some cases, depending on a nonprofit's work area, one child's artwork covers the planting of 166 trees!

Thank you to all children who took part in this green initiative and their parents and teachers who encouraged them! Each artwork is very dear to us and holds a special place in our hearts and this Gallery!
MFMA 2022 Art Contest Gallery
Congratulations to the Winners!
Aayansh Bhakta, 1st Place
K - 2nd Grades, Gold Hill Elementary School (South Carolina)
Carissa Cheang, 1st Place
3rd – 5th Grades, Bracher Elementary School (California)
Ariana Romanel, 1st Place
6th - 8th Grades, Abeka Academy (Florida)
Grace Miller, 1st Place
9th - 12th Grades, Visions In Education School (California)
Mahi Shetty, 2nd Place
K - 2nd Grades, Homeschool (Texas)
Abby Carroll, 2nd Place
3rd - 5th Grades, Ocean Springs Upper Elementary (Mississippi)
Neerja Dave, 2nd Place
6th - 8th Grades, Community Middle School (New Jersey)
Khushi Kolte, 2nd Place
9th – 12th Grades, Mountain House High School (California)
Nayra Gupta, 3rd Place
K - 2nd Grades, Ellis Elementary School (California)
Sushanth Dhilipvenkatesh, 3rd Place
3rd – 5th Grades, WR Odell Elementary (North Carolina)
Rebekkah Baker, 3rd Place
6th – 8th Grades, Baker Family Homeschool (Arkansas)
Caitlyn Wriedt, 3rd Place
9th – 12th Grades, Cedar Ridge High School (North Carolina)
The following artworks were submitted by our youngest participants - students attending kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades. Enjoy! :)
Luke Baker
Baker Family Homeschool (Arkansas)
Jeshua Baker
Baker Family Homeschool (Arkansas)
Liliana Chan
Highlands Elementary (Massachusetts)
Samarth Choudhary
Billy Gene Phillips Elementary School (Texas)
Saatvik Choudhary
Billy Gene Phillips Elementary School (Texas)
Lavi Donayre
Blue Ridge Academy (California)
Aahana Gupta
Woodland Elementary School (Pennsylvania)
Tanner Hamilton
Ferson Creek Elementary School (Illinois)
Jiya Jagdale
Holmes Elementary School (Illinois)
Caleb Jurgonski
Drayton Hall (South Carolina)
Naysa Jain Kala
Northwoods Elementary School (North Carolina)
Ashvika Krishna
Appleseed Montessori School (California)
Jacqueline Milburn
iLEAD School (California)
Serena Parente
Pioneer Valley Chinese Immersion Charter School (Massachusetts)
Jake Risdon
Hickory Point School (Illinois)
Kristina Rybalko
Deer Park Elementary School (Florida)
Ishaan Sabharwal
Dutch Neck Elementary School (New Jersey)
Tharrush Sai Santhosh
Oakdale Elementary School (Maryland)
Aarshvi U
Micaville Elementary School (North Carolina)
Ethan Valentino
City of Angels School (California)
Miles Wilson
Big Three Academy (Louisiana)
Ashley You
Hickory Point Elementary School (Illinois)
Students attending 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades sent us their artworks showcased below:
Sydney Stout
Homeschool (Arkansas)
Aubree Shaw
Homeschool (Arkansas)
Amanda Milburn
iLEAD School (California)
Julia Miller
Cordelia Hills Elementary School (California)
Seohyun Bae
Sycamore Ridge School (California)
Aiendri Guha
Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary School (California)
TJ School (California)
Sathvik Gone
Ellis Elementary School (California)
Nivedita Girish Menon
Central Park Elementary School (Florida)
Lee Goscinski
Creekside School (Illinois)
Ilias Pozos
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Ava Lopez
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Ivan Villagomez
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Alexis Villagomez
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Eli Pozos
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Jamian Torres
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Jonathan Porras
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Ava Thomas
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Olivia Kirk
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Brianna Harmon
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Grace Festa
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Noah Arnold
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Freddy Garcia
Creekside School (Illinois)
Olivia G
Creekside School (Illinois)
Rachel Yu
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Rosemary Hauk
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Charlise Malakiham
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Evan Garcia
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Alek Garcia
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Gisele Fregoso
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Talyiah Kilgore
Washington Elementary School (Illinois)
Grady Wilson
Big Three Academy (Louisiana)
Abigail Chan
Highlands Elementary School (Massachusetts)
Elizabeth Hartman
Valentine Hills Elementary School (Minnesota)
Tate Wegleitner
Hawthorn Hill Elementary School (Missouri)
Ruthvik Veerapaneni
Marin E McKeown Elementary School (New Jersey)
Aanya Sabharwal
Village Elementary School (New Jersey)
Grace Williams
Forest Acres Elementary School (South Carolina)
Christian Huber
Calvary Christian School (South Carolina)
Zoya Eshwar
Margaret Mead Elementary School
The following artworks were submitted by the 6th-8th grade students:
Rory Kilgore
Diamond Middle School (Massachusetts)
Yazhi Eliana Paguntalan
Century Junior High School (Illinois)
Sahanaa Rama Subramanian
Community Middle School (New Jersey)
And finally, 9th-12th grade students sent us these artworks:
Esha Shetty
Rick Reedy High School (Texas)
Megan McRobie
Keyser High School (West Virginia)
Additional notes:

• The MFMA 2021 Art Contest Gallery is accessible at this link.

• For information of high-school students and their parents, MFMA offers annual scholarships and is currently accepting applications. All program details can be found at this link.

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